22nd July 2024 

What happens in Therapy?

Therapy is a series of regular meetings with someone who is trained and experienced in listening without judgement, and in making observations. Meetings take place in a private and confidential setting. It is a collaborative process between yourself and the therapist.

In our work together, I will listen very carefully to you in order that we might explore your present situation and how it may relate to events from the past. I can help you to identify and explore underlying issues and emotional patterns which have a bearing on your current difficulties.

I won’t tell you what to do, nor give you advice. Instead, I will help you to find your own pathway to change.

Beginning Treatment

You may be feeling hesitant and unsure about seeking therapeutic help. It can take courage and commitment to seek therapy. However, most people experience emotional difficulties at some point in their lives. Speaking to a professional and experienced person in a safe and confidential environment can in itself bring about a sense of relief.

The first step is to contact me, so we can arrange for an initial meeting. This is an opportunity to meet each other, to talk about you and your difficulties, and to decide if therapy would be right for you. There is no commitment to ongoing work at this stage.

If, following our first meeting, we decide to continue together, we would agree on a regular time to meet each week. The establishment of regular sessions is helpful as it creates a safe and secure framework in which the therapy can take place.